Best places to see when traveling to the Philippines

With over 7,000 spectacular islands to choose from, a trip to the Philippines can be a rather overwhelming as well as startling experience for any traveler. The Philippines has an abundant supply of magnificent destinations that are worthy of a bucket list of a traveler. Whether you’re a beach lover or a history buff, you will absolutely find your perfect happiness and you can fire up your natural sense of wanderlust when traveling to the country.

To assist you with your travel plans in this country filled with pristine beaches as well as marvelous natural wonders, we’ve rounded up the most remarkable destinations to visit in the Philippines. Although visiting all the Philippines’ 7,105 islands in one year seems to be nearly an impossible achievement, this list of places to visit in the country will at least motivate you to kick off your adventure. 

1. Traveling Huma Island, Palawan

You can spend a luxurious getaway with your family at the Human Island Resort in Palawan. The place is majestically cradled in the incredibly refreshing waters of Palawan, and this distinctive resort entices weary individuals who are longing for a tropical vacation and a zen-like experience of discovery as well as exploration.


2. Batanes

Batanes is one of the dream spots to visit in the Philippines. Batanes is a surreal place of refuge that promises to give a person a slice of heaven on earth. This particular place is famous for its well-defined landscapes and pure natural beauty. Batanes leaves its tourists in awe with its dignified rolling hills, lofty cliffs and deep canyons.


3. Boracay

Boracay island packs great features such as alluring resorts as well as award-winning beaches. Boracay also has great adventures like parasailing, horse riding, cliff diving, snorkeling, scuba diving, motorbiking and kite surfing. Boat tours in the island allow tourists to explore volcanic caves and watch beautiful sunsets. The night-life in Boracay pulsates with a number of bars, and tourists can have fun until dawn.


4. Banaue Rice Terraces

No travel to the Philippines can be complete without visiting the glorious Banaue Rice Terraces. The Ifugao tribes carved the rice terraces from the mountain about 2,000 years ago. Locals until now still plant rice on the terraces, although younger tribe members do not find farming fascinating and settle permanently in the cities.


5. The best place in Bicol – Mayon Volcano

You will be amazed by the world’s most perfect cone-shaped volcano in Bicol. The Mayon volcano can exceed the allure of any volcano in the world. Apart from climbing, tourists can also go nature hiking and marvel at several wonderful animals, such as the red jungle fowl, parakeet and owl.


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